Why Us

The team at Metro Remedial bring over 90 years of experience to the company.

They are well credentialed holding qualifications in Engineering, Building, Business Administration and Land Economics.

Why work with us?

Cost Effectiveness

The projects we undertake represent a substantial investment for our clients. Our experienced in-house Cost Planning team and vast network of sub-contractors and suppliers enable us to thoroughly explore every cost option available on your project. This rigorous commercial approach ensures that every project we undertake is delivered via the most cost effective means possible.

Quality Management

Metro Remedial prides itself on being a builder focused on providing quality project outcomes. We ensure your project will comply to all current Australian Standards.

Understanding our Clients

We are a team that specialises in working in a ‘live environment’, entire building occupants must live through our construction. We understand how difficult this is and because of this we endeavour to provide a service that tailors to these circumstances. The success of our business relies on us working with our clients to provide a quality project. By providing progress updates regularly and having an open communication channel with our client we can work together to achieve the desired outcome with the end result being a successful project.


Construction projects are extremely complex with two rarely being the same. In addition, projects carry high risks and considerable uncertainty that must be considered and understood. Metro Remedial's project teams carefully plan every aspect of a project, regardless of its size or type, to ensure a successful outcome.

Live Environments

We understand the sensitivities of operating in live environments and maintaining business continuity across a range of sectors. This understanding comes as a result of us successfully delivering hundreds of projects in occupied commercial buildings, residential buildings and education venues. Each project containing its own challenges that we took the time to understand and plan ahead.


Metro Remedial values diversity.
We respect and value the different skills and experience of our employees and subcontractors.
We are an equal opportunity employer and recognise the diversity of our workforce, whether it be based on gender, age, culture, religion or language.
Metro Remedial is committed to building on the capabilities, skills, knowledge and experience that diversity brings to the company.

Covid-19 Safe

As per advice from NSW Health and the Federal Government, Metro Remedial monitor and assess any situation that may occur on any sites in which they are involved in remedial works and ensure that they mitigate the risk of the COVID-19 virus.
We are treating this issue as a Health and Safety issue.
We have therefore introduced a number of precautionary measures to all our sites which form part of our WH&S Site Management Plan.

Building Services

Metro Remedial can provide the following building and remedial building services:

• Building, carpentry and internal fit outs
• Wall and ceiling plasterboard lining
• Concrete repairs both internal and external
• Waterproofing repairs both internal and external
• Roof sheeting and repairs
• Rendering
• Façade refurbishment
• Design and Construction
• Building Defects Reports
• Project Management
• Painting
• Tiling
• Electrical and plumbing repairs
• Bathroom repairs
• Shower tray replacement and repairs


‘Professionalism is the conduct, behaviour, and attitude of someone in a work or business environment. Professionalism leads to workplace success, a strong professional reputation and a high level of work ethic and excellence.’
Metro Remedial is renown for its Reliability, Work Ethics, Expertise, Integrity and Organisational Skills. We aim to complete works to a high trades-manlike standard. This is achieved by using inspections, testing and hold points throughout the project eliminating call backs and defects. Maintaining open communications with our clients allows us to to understand and meet our clients expectations.

Our Clients

Our clients include both government and non-government agencies.