Behind the Cladding


Since the 2018 government ban on the use of various combustible materials on the facades of many classes of building, remedial builders have not only had to replace the cladding, but also other concealed serious defects such as  significant waterproofing problems.

They have unearthed building defects including incorrect flashing details, leaking balconies due to waterproof membrane failures, leaking windows, and doors.

Combustible cladding affected building owners are under increasing pressure from Councils, insurers, and owners to undertake the necessary remediation works, to help ensure the life safety of the building’s occupants and importantly, achieve compliance with the Building Code of Australia. The cost of these works can be extreme and cost recovery may not be successful.

It follows, that if owners are going to have to go through the cost and day-to-day onsite inconvenience of combustible cladding remediation, they ought to try and address as many of their other remedial defects as they can practically afford, at the same time.

Not all builders are remedial builders, and it is an area that requires particular expertise, especially where waterproofing and façade treatments are required.

Metro Remedial have completed many waterproofing and façade problems over the years and can undertake investigative  works and submit a Scope of Works and costing to undertake similar works.